UN/DOT Acceptance Procedure

The acceptance procedure is used to determine whether a new product, as offered for transport, is a candidate for Class 1. In this context, a new product is one which, in the opinion of the competent authority, involves any of the following:

  • A new substance or a combination of mixture of substances, intended to function as an explosive or pyrotechnic, which is considered to be significantly different from other combinations or mixtures already classified
  • A new substance or article, not intended for explosive use, which has, or is suspected of having, explosive properties
  • A new design of article containing an explosive substance or an article containing a new explosive substance or a new combination or mixture of explosive substances
  • A new design of package for an explosive substance or article including a new type of inner packaging or a new arrangement of articles (a relatively minor change to an inner or outer packaging can be critical and can convert a lesser risk into a mass explosion risk).

The classification procedure should be undertaken before a new product is offered for transport. The producer, or other applicant for the classification of a new product, should provide adequate information concerning the names and characteristics of all explosive substances in the product and should furnish the results of all relevant tests that have been done.

The following is the DOT Procedure for assignment of a new substance or article to a division of Class 1:

Test Series 1
Test Series 2
Test Series 3
Test Series 4
Test Series 5
Test Series 6

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