Modeling and Analysis

Safety Management Services, Inc. has been successful at modeling pressurized vessels and predicting fragment velocities upon bursting (from a scored vessel). Our Integrated Violence Model for Fast Cook-off (IVM-FC), was successfully used to predict the velocity of a fragment and the overpressure from a scored Koenen tube. Fragment velocities were measured with our Phantom v210 high-speed camera and overpressures were measured with pencil probes. We have modeled heat transfer, propellant kinetics, gas pressurization, and material yielding and fracturing (at a scored location). SMS was awarded an STTR (Contract N68335‐10‐C‐0452; STTR Topic N10A‐T011: “Prediction of the Full‐Scale Cook‐off Response Based on Small‐Scale Testing”) and worked with the C-SAFE team at the University of Utah. SMS (1) developed the IVM-FC model, (2) performed Koenen testing, and (3) created a heuristic similar to that used to classify Class 1 materials to predict the violence of tactical motors when subjected to a fast cook-off scenario.

IVM-FC is a control volume based thermodynamic model. SMS has experience also in completing finite-element analyses of heat transfer events.

SMS also developed the GoDetectTM software system which is a Labview-based solution to determine reactions during sensitivity testing of small samples when exposed to friction, impact, and ESD impetuses.

SMS is proficient at using BlastX Analysis to estimate the force on structures from an explosive blast. SMS is also comfortable using similar software solutions such as FRANG to further estimate the effects of a blast within a room. This data is used for facility siting and hazards assessment.

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Clint Guymon
Clint Guymon, PhD, PE
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SMS has developed multiple custom models and software solutions. The GoDetectTM software system is one of those. Please contact us for further information at 801-567-0456 or by sending a request.
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