Insensitive Munitions

This group of tests provides data sufficient to determine which devices qualify as insensitive munitions for the military.

Cook-Off Temperature

The cook-off temperature is the lowest bar temperature at which a 5-mg sample is flashed off a melting point bar.

Fast Cook-Off, Jet Fuel or Propane

The test article is placed on a non-combustible stand, such as a steel grate, and a pool of jet fuel or large propane burner is provided. The fuel is ignited and the test article is observed for type and degree of reaction.

Slow Cook-Off

This test determines the reactivity of an explosive sample to a gradually increasing thermal environment. In addition, the temperature at which a reaction occurs may be measured. The test sample is subjected to a gradually increasing air temperature at a rate of 3.3 °C per hour until a reaction occurs. The test may begin with the test item pre-conditioned to 55 °C below the anticipated reaction temperature. Measurements of elapse time and temperature are recorded and color photographs are taken to help document the test conditions. Any cratering or fragmentation is also documented. Three trials are required.

Sympathetic Detonation Test

Sympathetic detonation is the reaction occurring when the detonation of a donor sample initiates detonation in a nearby acceptor sample. This test is used to find the minimum distance required to prevent sympathetic detonation. The test consists of varying the gap between donor and acceptor to find the minimum distance required to prevent acceptor detonation. Other sympathetic reactions (explosion or initiation and burning) can be determined in the same manner.

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Testing Resource

Kirt Sasser
Kirt Sasser, PE
Director of Engineering and Testing
SMS is one of five laboratories authorized by the DOT to witness classification tests for explosives (Class I). We also frequently run in-process tests. Testing is performed at our test site facility at the Tooele Army Depot where we have a thermal lab, sensitivity test lab, and large scale test area. Please contact us for further information at 801-567-0456 or by sending a request.

Testing Experience

Safety Management Services, Inc. (SMS) has experience in testing a wide variety of explosives and other hazardous materials, such as:
  • Agent, blasting
  • Air bag inflators
  • Air bag inflators, compressed gas
  • Articles, explosive (fuzes, detonating and cartridges, power device)
  • Boosters, without detonators
  • Explosive, blasting, type A-E
  • Flammable Solids
  • Igniters
  • Powder, smokeless
  • Propellant, solid
  • Rocket Motors
  • Waste, Substances, explosive
In addition to material characterization, SMS also has experience in providing testing and recommendations for In-Process Classification and DOT Shipping Classification.
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