Test Site at TEAD

TEAD Test Site

Safety Management Services, Inc. (SMS) has partnered with the Tooele Army Depot (TEAD) to yield a very capable test site to perform large-scale and small-scale tests of energetic substances and articles. The TEAD/SMS partnership provides a unique set of capabilities for government and commercial clients. SMS has invested over a half million dollars in the test site. In-process and DOT/UN testing is completed at the site. Below are some of the features of the test site.

TEAD Test Site
  • 94 acre dedicated test area
  • 24/7 secured, restricted-access location
    • clearances necessary to test CLASSIFIED materials
  • Sensitivity lab with Impact, Friction, ESD, and SBAT apparatuses
  • 400 lb (HD 1.1) detonation limit
  • Extensive auxiliary equipment support including:
    • High-speed video
    • Radiometry (heat-flux) measurement
    • Reflective and side-on overpressure measurement
    • High definition video
    • Internal pressure measurement
    • Detonation velocity measurement
  • Remote 12-meter (40 foot) drop tower
  • High and low temperature conditioning chambers
TEAD Test Site

Our sensitivity test lab (pictured below) contains MBOB, BOE and Type-12 Impact, ABL ESD, and ABL Friction (BAM Friction upon request) test machines. GoDetect-ESDTM and GoDetect-ViewTM are used to determine reactions with use of a high-speed camera (a Phantom V210). A gas analyzer is also available to determine reactions during sensitivity testing. The laboratory is equipped with humidity and temperature controls.

SMS Sensitivity Test Lab

The thermal lab is equipped with multiple pieces of equipment including conditioning ovens, an SBAT, Koenen, and Time-Pressure devices. The below image shows the Thermal lab with the pieces of equipment labeled.

SMS/TEAD Thermal Lab

Shown below is a picture of the drop tower. There are significant testing capabilities at our TEAD/SMS test site. Please contact us with your testing requests and we will respond in a timely manner with competitive prices. Click here to further review our test capabilities.

TEAD Drop Tower
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Testing Resource

Kirt Sasser
Kirt Sasser, PE
Director of Engineering and Testing
SMS is one of five laboratories authorized by the DOT to witness classification tests for explosives (Class I). We also frequently run in-process tests. Testing is performed at our test site facility at the Tooele Army Depot where we have a thermal lab, sensitivity test lab, and large scale test area. Please contact us for further information at 801-567-0456 or by sending a request.

Testing Experience

Safety Management Services, Inc. (SMS) has experience in testing a wide variety of explosives and other hazardous materials, such as:
  • Agent, blasting
  • Air bag inflators
  • Air bag inflators, compressed gas
  • Articles, explosive (fuzes, detonating and cartridges, power device)
  • Boosters, without detonators
  • Explosive, blasting, type A-E
  • Flammable Solids
  • Igniters
  • Powder, smokeless
  • Propellant, solid
  • Rocket Motors
  • Waste, Substances, explosive
In addition to material characterization, SMS also has experience in providing testing and recommendations for In-Process Classification and DOT Shipping Classification.
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